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Link Resource # 54 : May 11 – May 17

Posted on: May 15, 2012

Hi friends ,

As Promised my second last post there will be lots of additional blog links and all will be there so here I go ..

Now I can proudly say that i have 50 % automated this posting processes but still there lots of manual/person interference is required so that to see everything is seen / running fine.

Anyways thanks for supporting link mentalist from long back ..image

So now I can say proudly say …

Following are Daily link Dose from live world @ one page from 1400 + Web site covering various topics as highlighted with 600 +  best link which are updated recently .

My Pervious link in this month :

Link Resource # 53 : May 08 – May 11

Please Share and Enjoy Reading link of your interest !!

Note : Now Just See link for SQL Server Section its just have 30 + Ohh !!

Added brand new Section from this Post which are : MVC , Data Visualization , Microsoft CRM ,  MS Office Blog , IT n Healthcare and Unspecified


Daily Find Links

Data Visualization

Business intelligence

SQL / Database

Microsoft CRM

From Microsoft RSS Feed

Dot Net


Windows Azure

Mentalist Blogs


MS Office Blog

Architectural Blog for Deep Knowledge for Solution Architects

IT and Healthcare

Technology News

Unspecified  / Need Some time for Sorting in Type

Hope this is helps !!

If you have any more link please include that as well !!

Happy learning!

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