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Link Resource # 4 July 22 To July 23

Posted on: July 22, 2011


Thinking Quotes – Sources of Insight

Why Making Something Customers Want Isn’t Enough | Software by Rob


My Tech Learning: Webinar– Best Practices for Sharepoint 2010 upgrade


Land a Dream DBA or Developer Job: Seven Questions to Ask | Brent Ozar PLF

BISQL #23 :SQL Server “Denali”: CTP3 now available !! « SQL Server Mentalist


2011 July « Microsoft Mentalist:LINQ

Interesting Finds

101 Digital Etiquettes That You Need to Know

Schneier on Security: Is There a Hacking Epidemic?

Just Learned – A female FOX is called VIXEN – Beyondrelational.com

Hot Jobs

Redmond Senior Software Development Engineer (SDE) – SQL SERVER RDBMS ENGINE TEAM Job – WA, 98052

Technical New

Are Secondary Markets Good or Bad for Tech? – NYTimes.com

Hope this is helps !!

If you have any more link please include that as well !!

Happy learning!

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